The combat zone of socialising

After last week’s announcement that pubs and restaurants have permission to reopen and social distancing is reduced to one metre, I ended up in a cold sweat. Reduce social distancing? Nein danke. I need an increase or at least unchanged terms and conditions. My new found idea of social distancing in the Metropolis is aContinue reading “The combat zone of socialising”

From stardom to boredom

Recently the online metropolis was blessed with contributions by rich nonentities. Those people are often referred to as celebrities. According to the dictionary the means they are famous people. Now, according to me they are people with huge attention deficits. We had Wonder Woman looking rather average woman singing songs to cheer us up duringContinue reading “From stardom to boredom”

This number is not recognised …

Do you remember the days when mobile phones were a novelty? No? Me neither. In the metropolis everyone seems to have a mobile phone. Some special people spearhead two devices. Last time I checked, I had only one mouth to talk with. Maybe their logic is: two ears, two phones. Who knows? Just getting toContinue reading “This number is not recognised …”

The tyranny of self-improvement

I noticed many people running and cycling through the metropolis and even more people perfecting new skills all in addition to maintaining mature relationships, healthy sex lives and home schooling the offspring. This is admirable and telling. I wonder why this surge in self-improvement and perfection seeking not just during lockdown but even 2020 P.L.DContinue reading “The tyranny of self-improvement”

Dangerous females of the metropolis

Years ago I went to the London Eye. Security waved me straight through. They thought a young mother with a child in a buggy cannot possibly be a dangerous person. Ha, how wrong they were. Mothers are seen as innocent and good people. They will care, look after us and soothe us to sleep. BewareContinue reading “Dangerous females of the metropolis”

The walking dead app

Action words. The metropolis is full of them. Like in an awesome resume that will make you stand out. People are running, rushing, heading, launching and whatnot.  They lead, envision, increase, improve, manage but they don’t live. Everything is assessed in terms of efficiency. A pot of oats with super-berries gobbled down whilst walking to theContinue reading “The walking dead app”