A licence to be bored

Recently I got a lot of emails asking to pay my tv licence and this made me angry. For three reasons. Firstly, I know I have paid for it. Secondly, it’s a nasty email. Someone thinks I will enter my details and boom they have access to my account. And thirdly, this tv licence annoys me. I do not watch much live tv or whatever else they list on their website. I checked and they take this tv licence very seriously. I wish upskirting or assault were taken this seriously.

One of the FAQ on their website is how do the detector vans work? This sounds very 1984 stuff. Detector vans? What’s going on here? This detector van clearly malfunctioned when 14 years ago I was harassed by the tv licence police. They repeatedly sent me letters and I kept letting them know I did not own a tv and I did not watch live tv. They ended up at my door and I was happy to show them that there was no tv style equipment in my house. I was a single parent doing bloody teacher training. All teacher training survivors will agree, there is no time for tv, radio, fun, entertainment. Adding a 5 year old, there is no time for anything. They finally accepted that I was a weirdo who did not indulge in soaps and sport and left me alone. Going back to the detector van or gadgets, I feel the BBC needs to start using their bias detector a bit more on themselves looking at recent political coverage.

I now pay for a TV licence but it still annoys me because I don’t see the value of it. £157.50 for what? I don’t watch much live tv but I use online streaming services which I already pay for. How ridiculous is this? The news coverage is not worth much compared to other international stations. I think my family in continental Europe watches more BBC world service than I watch BBC. I am financing their tv! Another thing that winds me up is the money they pay to some of their “top people”. I don’t think those sums are justified. This is TV we are talking about, not brain surgery. From what I have heard, they are sometimes also stuck in some medieval sexist mindset, conveniently forgetting to pay ladies the same as men. It’s 2020 guys, wakey, wakey. 

Just glancing over their programme today makes me cry. I can watch something about a nature reserve, selling antique goodies, cooking, gardening or a soap. Hm, a bit disappointing. If I stay up until after my self-imposed bedtime, I might be able to watch something of interest but it’s too late. Last year I went to a festival and some tv licence funded lady told us that they use a matrix to analyse what people watch and apparently this was very accurate. This matrix helps them to cater for our tv needs. Well, I must not fit on this matrix because the stuff I want to watch is nowhere to be seen. Where are the serial killers, human rights documentaries, real sex scences including period sex and programmes about sharks?

My TV licence fees go to some overpaid tv personality ensuring they can build an extension to their kitchen. At least they should use my fee to invest in a training session on questioning. (I can run this session, I have done it for teachers. Just contact me.) Some of their journalists really let us down. If any teachers questioned the way those journalists questioned politicians during the COVID-19 crisis, OFSTED would have a field day and wipe the floor with our lesson plans. Pathetic. Hm, let me overthink this…

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