Double generosity

How come in a country ranking amongst the top 10 economies, we have to run in circles to fund what in less well off countries is considered standard? And how come we celebrate this as a success when surely it is a sign of government failure?

We all pay tax. I hope. Well, I know we don’t. Big business get a discount or conveniently negotiate their own tax rate. I propose we should all join into this tax avoiding conference. Let’s start by negotiating our own tax rate every year. Imagine being able to do that. That would be something but no. Instead we pay tax and then donate more money because big businesses got away with not paying tax in the Metropolis. We are doubly generous. What’s not to celebrate?

Years ago, I worked in a school where the students organised a fundraiser for incubators for the local hospital. Let me repeat this: They were doing a fundraiser for incubators. In a rich country. Kids made sure babies wouldn’t die. We clapped for those kids. Yes, it is admirable. But, why don’t we teach the kids to hold our government to account? Why not demand that our tax money is spent on incubators rather than weapons, war, non-existent bridges or plane decorations? Donations and fundraisers are almost second nature to many people. Money is handed out without questioning why society has to donate when we already paid tax.

All over the Metropolis, people suffer from Stockholm Syndrome and bake cakes to fund school equipment, run in circles to buy hospital gadgets, grow beards, give up drinking, wear silly costumes … the list goes on. All the while they smile and clap for each other, completely caught up in this mental prison of fundraising. And you know who is smiling too? Big business and government because they know they can rely on the big society to care. Hm, let me overthink this…







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Lifestyle blogger sarcastically commenting on observations in the Metropolis. Overthinking and introverted.

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