News flash – news crash

Breaking news: … unless you are in the Metropolis… Because here we do not have breaking news. 

The other day I turned on a Qatar based news channel and hear, hear or better see, see news were delivered. By real journalists. Asking difficult questions. No celebrity gossip, no mid-level politician rambling their way through a scripted interview, no nonsense. Here was a mixing desk of information.

I learnt about someone being put on trial for human rights violations in Timbuktu. I was told that some African museums lack artefacts because those artefacts have been taken to Europe. There was talk about the military presence of several countries in the South China Sea. I was educated about the conflict over oil in Libya.

I witnessed real interviews with scary questions and without this contaminated unicorn fluff applied to appease people. No. Guests had a meaningful debate, like mature grown ups. They showed respect for other people’s ideas. Those guys were not tone deaf. It was fascinating and refreshing. I sat watching 30 minutes with my mouth wide open. Then I remembered that those sorts of new programmes used to be shown here in the Metropolis but they have been banished by someone years ago. Hm, let me overthink this.






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Lifestyle blogger sarcastically commenting on observations in the Metropolis. Overthinking and introverted.

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