In defence of the maverick

Walk on the left, report this, be that. Rules, restraints, restrictions. They can be found all over the metropolis. And so can the conformists. It’s a sad sight. Tired looks and worried eyes like skeletons haunted by the ghosts of expectations. Why? Why bother following the crowd? What is there to gain from a conformist lifestyle? Oh, I know. Safety, safety and more safety.

When youngsters ask me what advice i would give them, my answer is to ignore advice and what this means to me is: make mistakes, take the gap year, date the weirdo, hand in your notice, do what feels right. Rip up the tick sheet of expectations, together with the timescale for when you should have achieved which milestone. And do this quickly.

It pays to be an individual free of the chains of a prescribed life. I fully advocate living as a maverick. In the metropolis too much time is wasted on other people’s ideas. Embrace your own. It takes bravery to dissent, to be original and rebellious but its worth it. You are worth it. They even say so on tv.

Whilst we are busy living the expected life, another life zooms past us like a fighter jet. Be the pilot of that fighter jet and swap it for a kite. Then go up and down and enjoy the wind. Fly off script. The rebels are happier. Released from the prison of monotony, they live in the here and now.

Just imagine being freed from the shackles of financial, emotional and social expectations. What is left when you strip away the possessions via which so many in the metropolis define themselves? When you take away that which you cannot buy? That’s when the mavericks come in. Bosses despise them for it is the mavericks that can demand attention from a crowd and organise a union. Partners try to change them them for they destroy the dream of owning possessions.

When I see a maverick my heart jumps. Look around the metropolis and spot them. They are mad, adventurous, VERY, eccentric, radical, courageous and they are kind to themselves. What’s not to love? They wear unconventional clothes, give a damn about silly rules which are meant to keep us underlings in place. They do not care about class and social convention. They speak their minds and swear doing so. How wonderful, how inspiring!

The maverick holds up the mirror to society and there the conformists see what they don’t dare to be and therefore hate and admire at the same time. Hm, let me overthink this…



#Observations from the metropolis



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Lifestyle blogger sarcastically commenting on observations in the Metropolis. Overthinking and introverted.

One thought on “In defence of the maverick

  1. Horst is very impressed with this article. Thoughtful, left-field, full of insight and truthful. But then you always were a top girl. There’s more to be said, but another time.

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