From stardom to boredom

Recently the online metropolis was blessed with contributions by rich nonentities. Those people are often referred to as celebrities. According to the dictionary the means they are famous people. Now, according to me they are people with huge attention deficits. We had Wonder Woman looking rather average woman singing songs to cheer us up during a global pandemic. Thank you, but no thanks. A rich 20 something feeling the need to share his lockdown difficulties online and one singer letting us have a bath with her acting odd. Not today please. This is what happens when the majority of people have bigger fish to fry than paying attention to the previously mentioned.

Now who gets to join the celebrity club? Which route leads to fame? For those of you who have not found a career yet or would like a career change, there are lots of ways to stardom.

If you are talented try singing, acting, some high profile sport or go on a tv show. Lack of talent can be compensated with a high score in the looks department. You could also try moving into a house with strangers for full exposure on every level and behaving as outrageously as possible wearing as little as possible. Others use the gaming, vlogging or insta pathway to success. Zero talent people do not despair, if you are up for sexual intercourse with an established celebrity even you could be a winner. And remember if that celebrity is already married, success is guaranteed.

I suppose each generation has had its celebrities. Today‘s problem though is that they appear everywhere and offer very little talent. Or maybe there are just too many of them. To be fair, some famous people are awesome and from time to time supply entertainment but most are pointless. And they know it, especially now, when they have less exposure.

I feel a huge surge of celebrity inspired products coming our way. More autobiographies written by people who left school five minutes ago, more workout shows from already skinny females, additional cook and baking advice filmed in kitchens that resemble banquet halls, some more overpriced make-up or perfume. The really desperate ones will invite us to their dating and mating activities, show off their pregnancies three minutes after conception followed by a post-pregnancy glamour shoot all ending in a high profile divorce for which they pay their lawyers three times what average couples earn in a year. Some might feel the urge to remind us that they have donated huge sums of money to whatever cause and we shall clap because it’s really difficult to give away £20,000 when you are a multimillionaire and your accountant is cleverly and legally storing your money in tax havens.

Hm, let me overthink this…





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Lifestyle blogger sarcastically commenting on observations in the Metropolis. Overthinking and introverted.

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