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Do you remember the days when mobile phones were a novelty? No? Me neither. In the metropolis everyone seems to have a mobile phone. Some special people spearhead two devices. Last time I checked, I had only one mouth to talk with. Maybe their logic is: two ears, two phones. Who knows?

Just getting to the tube station is a wearisome obstacle race. Trying to avoid ruffians, who suddenly stop short to type a message or to take a selfie with their dog, must be one of the biggest grievances of modern times. Once you made it on the train, you have no rest either. People exhibit the latest mobile phone in pathetic fashion. Probably understandable considering that some folks spend fifty quit per month to be under 24 hour surveillance by boss people, family and friends. If you have it, you flaunt it.

Looking at the curled, unnatural position people sit in when operating their gadgets on the train, it is worth investigating the correlation between increased mobile phone usage and fortunes made by orthopaedist. No wonder there is a higher uptake of yoga classes in the metropolis. People’s spines need fixing.

One develops a monkey-mind trying to follow the screeching, whispering, shouting, chatting, giggling and serious talk around. Gone are the days when the only disruption was some cute granny trying to talk about her grandkids. Today, we learn about relationship break-ups, business deals, dinner plans and parents‘ evenings. Thanks for sharing.

Let’s be fair though, some people don’t use their phone for talking. Some watch Netflix but get offended when the rest of us try to get a good view too. Weird. Others are on Instagram, Facebook or snapchat snooping on people they don’t like and then upload a picture of a station to help their stalker. Some even try to find a lover for life or for a night. Maybe the last one had stuck around if they had not have to compete with a mobile phone. Let that sink in.

The other place where I lose my temper: restaurants. You meet up with people, yet you cannot wait for the flicker, beep or vibration which disrupts your face to face interaction. Crazy. I detest the rude conduct of people who indulge in their phone compulsion in restaurants. This really is a sign of self-sabotage, an own goal, if you will. Those people jeopardise real connections by allowing infinite intrusion. Sometimes I feel like tossing their phone into the dinner, if it wasn’t so expensive. The dinner that is. Just buy a take away, go home and talk to your screen. Let the rest of us eat in peace.

The mobile phone in the metropolis is a paradox. What aims to connect, results in disconnection. We are made to feel like oddities when we turn up at a social event without the electronic noose around our neck. Hm, let me overthink this …

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Lifestyle blogger sarcastically commenting on observations in the Metropolis. Overthinking and introverted.

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