Puppy prince versus frog prince

Brothers Grimm please show me a woman who would kiss a frog? I am sorry, no! What I want to kiss is a puppy. Yes, a puppy not a frog. Ladies imagine this: having a man who turns into a puppy when you kiss him. Wouldn’t that be awesome? Win win, for all involved. The story we want to hear is the puppy prince not the frog prince.


Once upon a time there was a glamorous and witty woman who had everything she needed. As every morning Kitty kissed her spectacular lover. He had been a great lover last night pleasuring her as he should and now it was time for him to be cute and fluffy. It was time for him to turn into a puppy. So she kissed him. Abracadabra he turned into the cutest, fluffiest, tail wagging puppy. 

With her invisible crown on her smiling head, Kitty set off to work in the metropolis. She loved her job and Mondays were not for frowning. On this marvellous Monday, Kitty stepped out in her summery dress and puppy followed her like an inexperienced dancer on a tightrope, flopping from one side to the other. What a wonderful puppy prince he was. She could take him to work. You can’t take your lover to work! That would be creepy but a cute puppy, everyone loves a cute puppy.

Puppy prince was perfect, he was a bomb. Not a dangerous one but one that makes your heart explode from happiness. The sort of bomb that does not need defusing. Oh yes by night, life was different. As soon as Kitty felt excited, she kissed puppy and abracadabra he turned back into human form. And now the fun started. Hm let me overthink this …

#felicityfauxpas #observationsfromthemetropolis #frogprince #puppyprince

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Lifestyle blogger sarcastically commenting on observations in the Metropolis. Overthinking and introverted.

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