Posh pets of the metropolis


Those pets are no Heinz57 pets. They come with a traceable family tree comparable to those of medieval knights. The posh pets wear an invisible crown. In fact in some cases they sport a visible crown worth a small family car. They are used to underfloor heating and grooming. Tin food? Pardon me? No. Theirs is a diet of calorie and fat controlled meals cooked by self proclaimed celebrity chefs. Unlike the average pet who unwillingly checks in with the vet every now and then to top up on worm treatments and vaccinations, the posh pets also have a sitter, walker, masseuse, yoga teacher and psychologist. Some entertain their own instagram account and clothing line. I wonder whether their owners compete with them for likes? Hm let met me overthink this …

#poshpets #observationsfromthemetropolis #letmeoverthink #felicityfauxpas

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Lifestyle blogger sarcastically commenting on observations in the Metropolis. Overthinking and introverted.

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