Philosopher and thug

Ever been to a football match in the metropolis? It’s a great social experiment. An awesome psychological study into conformity and aggression.

I recently went undercover, which means I sat with the side I didn’t support. It gives you a bit of kick, like you are a spy or something. You need to be on high alert, no drifting off, because your fake team might score any second and you have to act like a real fan, like you care. Or, like in my case you need to get angry at the opponent who is really your team. If you fail to do so, suspicion arises and eyes will be on you rather than the ball. This is hard work. But it’s fun too. You get a real inside into a variety of future head coaches.

From the philosopher to the thug. I prefer the former, at least he is not going to bash your head in. He just thinks he knows a lot and will explain his grasp of the subject using a pleasant voice. The latter, oh dear, a scary creature. He knows a lot and wants to beat it into someone. He will attack anyone and anything appearing to do his team injustice. His is a full physical effort, each and every muscle in his face and body will be on alert and ready to tell everyone who does not want to know that grave mistakes have been made by the referee, the flag person running along the field, the coach, the players, the owner of the club, the sponsors, the masseuse and god knows who else. Next time you buy a ticket, be an undercover fan. Hm, let me overthink this …

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Lifestyle blogger sarcastically commenting on observations in the Metropolis. Overthinking and introverted.

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